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It is a fun, laugh a minute, audience interactive act with a South African flavour, from vuvuzelas to symbol claps to gumboots, audiences will be entertained and also have a chance to show what they can do on stage with Jose at the centre of this organised noise

Audiences have seen several circus-acts in the past in our ten editions of the fest. Acrobats, magicians, high walkers. Now, in its 11th edition, we are very fortunate to present  the show of one of Zip Zap Circus most acclaimed members, Jose Batista do Rego.


Tony Cox

He may be in his seventh decade but iconic SA acoustic guitarist Tony Cox is still making the laaitjies drop their jaws in amazement and their folks nudging them saying, 'I told you so'. 

The show, titled after his latest album, Padkos, features Cox at his all-time best. Alone on stage, cascades of white hair and those hands moving, picking, pulling the music out of the guitar. An entire ensemble with bass lines, rhythm, percussion and melodic lines all coming at you seemingly all at the same time. It is no wonder youngsters who at first resist going along, find themselves bedazzled by this man's sheer musicianship and audacious flare for the guitar.


Saturday Night Social

Be sure to come join Evita se Perron and 10-Rand-50 for the Saturday night Boogie.

  • Saturday 6 September
  • 20H00
  • R85
  • Platters on sale

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Hallo Gedig Dag - 2014

Less known are our workshops for children. This year, “die kinders” of Darling will participate in the writing of a collective poem - die “Hallo Gedig Dag”. We are looking forward to sharing the creative greetings from “Darling se kinders” with you.

The poem will be painted on a wall, visible from the road - so visitors can enjoy the poem. Jitsvinger and Danie Marais will guide the children through a series of Afrikaans creative writing workshop.