It is with both sadness and regret that Voorkamerfest 2016 has been postponed to 2017. The  present economic climate has affected the financial support, and sponsorships, needed to present this unique festival at that level of excellence that we have all come to expect.

The postponement of the Voorkamerfest is not unique. Many expected events have also been postponed due to lack of financial support. So we trust you will share our optimism of a renaissance in 2017 and not become victims of the global realities.

We would like to thank so many of you who have supported this event year after year – it is YOU who make the occasion such a special one.

Since 2004 , every first weekend of September Darling is filled with roars of laughter and cries from thousands of visitors enjoying one of the unique 21 performances in front rooms of houses in this Western Cape village. We have faith this will pick up where we left off in 2015, in 2017!!

Wim Visser, producer / artistic director and the trustees of the Darling Festival Trust


Tasha St.John-Reid:

072 573 7937

The VOORKAMERFEST is coordinated by the RESIDENTS OF DARLING and produced by Wim Visser.

Evita se Perron
2, 3, & 4 September programme


As a Voorkamerfest Ambassador your donation of R200 or more per year will help to assure that this unique festival remains a definite date on the annual calendar. In return, you will be able to book your Voorkamerfest tickets 2 weeks prior to the official opening of bookings i.e. from Sunday 17 June.  Get in early because once bookings open, tickets sell in a flash!

Your assistance to assure the future Voorkamerfests will be appreciated! We look forward to receiving your donation.

Please email with your request.

The Darling Festival
Standard Bank
Darling branch: 050111
Account no.: 083 273 689
Ref: surname, initial & AMB 
Please eft your payment details to or fax to 022 492 2851.